ATSAS Download

ATSAS for Academic Users

ATSAS users with an academic affiliation (University, publicly funded research institute) are entitled to an academic version of ATSAS, which is free of charge.
In order to obtain a license file for ATSAS, please enter your academic e-mail address. The validity of the entered e-mail address will be checked. The e-mail address will be stored.

ATSAS for Industry Customers

To obtain or renew a license file, please contact us at

ATSAS Download

Please download the latest version of ATSAS on GitHub. Accepting the end user license agreement is a prerequisite for the installation process.

ATSAS Supported Platforms and Support Periods

ATSAS is supported for following operating systems:

  • Windows 11
  • MacOS (11.X Big Sur, 12.X Monterey, 13.X Ventura, 14.X Sonoma)
  • Linux (OracleLinux-8, RockyLinux-9, Ubuntu-20.04, Ubuntu-22.04)

Support periods:

ATSAS is sold for each of above operating systems for 5 years after the first release of such operating system. When this 5 years limit has been reached, support is granted for a maximum of 3 additional years. Example: Ubuntu-22.04 was released in 2022. Hence, we sell licenses for Ubuntu-22.04 until 2027. For the last licenses sold in 2027, we grant support for ATSAS until 2030.